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I run a chiropractic practice as well a functional medicine wellness practice, am raising 3 cyberchickconstruction no text 1amazing and entertaining kiddos, picking up our eggs from a local farm, buying our meat from a local meat share, growing a TON of veggies in my gardens, making 90% of our meals (hello nutrition!) and somehow keeping my sanity. Huge thanks to my partner in crime husband for being patient with me and my brain that can’t stop and won’t stop! I now have a virtual option to work in the profession I love, preventative medicine. Check me out at @docbobbietalks on Instagram and on FaceBook with the same handle.

I will be adding more blogs so check back! If I can help with your health journey, set up an appointment so we can talk!

Healthy Greens
What is a Health Coach?
Did you know that health coaching has less to do with weight loss than you think? At least initially...
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I can’t stop talking about how amazing Magnesium is! If you have been in my office for muscle tension,...
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Phytonutrients in Food!
Phytonutrients in food come in all different colors—green, yellow-orange, red, blue-purple, and white....
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Back to Basics
Back to Basics: Eat Right & Stay Active
Ready to improve your health? In this world of fad diets, get skinny quick, and magical pills I often...
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Power Bars
Doc Bobbie's Homemade Power Bars
Homemade Powerbars! If you’re like me, most traditional “health-food” bars just don’t make the cut. There...
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Chocolate Blueberry Smoothie
1/2 cup frozen blueberries 1 1/2 cups water2 handfuls of spinach or chard1 scoop chocolate protein powder(check...
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