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Are you a busy parent struggling to manage taking care of children and preparing healthy meals?  Maybe you’ve tried every diet out there, and nothing sticks for the long term.  Is your goal to run a 10k?  Too tired to make it to the gym and wonder why? There are all areas Dr. Bobbie has experience in guiding clients to succeed in making the changes they value.

During your coaching sessions you will tap into your intrinsic motivators and discover your strengths to create and maintain lasting  change.  Coaching does not take the place of therapy, but can be a nice addition to focus on change in regards to health and wellness.

As a  Functional Medicine Dr. and coach, Dr. B can provide a collaborative process where we co-create in order for you to take steps to improve your health and lead your BEST LIFE EVER! A health coach can use their skills to support behavioral change, which is the key to maintaining these lifestyle modifications. We work with a wide variety of patients, such as those interested in learning more about anti-inflammatory eating, detoxification, meal planning, weight loss, and increasing energy.

YES everyone can benefit from having a coach!  Having Dr. B as your coach is a powerful tool for you to gain new insight into your health and help you accomplish your goals to function in a more productive and healthful way! 

YES! I offer lab reviews. Understanding your lab work sets you up with a benchmark for future visits.

Absolutely! I have my own dispensensary where I can recommend quality supplements tailored to your needs. I can also offer you 10% off on your supplements! When you purchase supplements from my Fullscript Dispensary, you will be buying from a trusted source where you know you’re getting good quality supplements.

Inflammation is a huge factor when it comes to pain and response to treatment. By increasing fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and hydration we fight that inflammation and many times help to decrease pain. Supplements can be extremely helpful even with a clean diet, as our soils have become depleted of many of the essential vitamins and minerals. 

Yes I do! Are you interested in health coaching, but want more information to see if it is the right fit for you?  A discovery session allows you to explore the benefits of health coaching without having to make a financial commitment first.  No strings attached! 

I definitely believe that food is medicine. This is an important component to treating you holistically. A healthy diet is fundamental to maintaining health. I can help you with this and provide healthy recipes and as well as organize your meal structure to help you not only become healthy, but have more time!